Fleuron d’Anjou

Harbouring ambitions for the Loire Valley
Tue 27/09/2022 by Guy Dubon

Traditionally cultivated in the Maine and Loire region, asparagus constitutes a strategic product for the Fleuron d’Anjou cooperative, which plans to increase production to 1,000 tons on 200 hectares within 2 years. Beyond planting dynamics, volumes have risen three-fold since 2015, thanks to strength in several areas, including the commitment of the group of asparagus specialists and the arrival of some young producers. The firm’s technical support, its implementation of new itineraries and its marketing expertise have been reinforced by investments in production and stations. Fleuron d’Anjou’s offering is early, diversified and committed (20% organic and soon to be certified with HEV (High Environmental Value)). In order to meet gastronomic demands, work is currently being undertaken to develop the taste and storage life of asparagus as part of the project to promote the Val de Loire origin.




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