About us

Asparagus World is one magazine, 3 newsletters and a website entirely dedicated to asparagus.

We have multiple missions:

  1. Inform on trends and events in the asparagus sector
  2. Serve as a scientific monitor
  3. Give accounts of the most innovative experiences and initiatives
  4. Comment on the evolution of markets and consumer trends
  5. Facilitate communication between businesses involved with asparagus

Asparagus World belongs to Publications Agricoles, which also publishes Réussir Fruits&Légumes, Eurofresh Distribution and Asiafresh Distribution.

In practice

The magazine is written mostly in English.
Journalistic content (news, dossiers, reports, etc.) is published in English.
Scientific and technical articles are published in the language of the author (English/Spanish/French/German) accompanied by summaries in English.


Diffusion of Asparagus World


The print run of Asparagus World magazine is 8,000 copies.
Asparagus World and its newsletters are distributed to a select mailing list comprising specialised producers, suppliers and retail buyers. The magazine is also available on our website, as well as at trade shows and specialist conferences.
The information published in Asparagus World (magazine + newsletters + website) is seen and read by 80% of the world’s asparagus professionals.

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Our team

Maude Le Corre, Managing director

+33 680 89 28 99

Maria del Mar Valenzuela, Journalist & Advertising Executive

+34 671 378 856

Maryline Besoli, Accountant

+33 553 77 83 72

Christian Befve, Co-Editor

+33 6 86 28 63 55


Rodrigo Pizarro Yanez, Chili/Peru / Journalist


Julien Rocherieu, Variety / Consultant


Luciano Trentini, Italy


Amélie Lachapelle, Canada