Asparagus from the Atlantic coast
Tue 27/09/2022 by Guy Dubon

At Larrere farms we produce organic asparagus. Fully committed into a CSR approach, the respect of nature, soils and plants is essential for us.  Our family farms are located in the heart of Les Landes in France, which is an historical production basin for asparagus growing. In order to extend our production season and to offer to our customers asparagus from January, we started to grow asparagus in our farm BVLH which is located in Comporta in the Alentejo region in Portugal. We chose this region because it is an area which has some very unique geological and climatic conditions, similar to what he have in Les Landes.

In both of our farms, asparagus fields are very close from the Atlantic coast, around ten kilometres from the ocean, and are surrounded by pine forests. The soils are mainly made up of a very clear sand which is typical of those regions. Those soils allow us to cultivate a product of excellence with a strong flavour typicality and sweet aromatic notes.  Today Larrere Farms are already well established on local and French markets but we have the ambition to continue to develop exports by creating partnerships at European and International levels.




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