"NEW at C'ZON: green asparagus in season!
Tue 27/09/2022 by G.Dubon

Import Direct Service, the head of the C’ZON brand, is an import-export company for ready-to-use fresh fruits and vegetables.  It has only one conviction: to work directly with agricultural producers all over the world with the aim of bringing consumers a product that has naturally reached maturity. Acting in a short circuit, but not only, it also aims to charge a fixed price all year round on fresh products, without additives or preservatives, and with flawless traceability!  In bundles or in trays, asparagus has always been a key reference for this SME, which has been established in northern France since 2001. And recently, C’ZON launched a fine green asparagus from France! This is an opportunity to expand its range and meet new customer needs that have been considerably felt since the arrival of the pandemic we are currently experiencing. This new asparagus comes from a local production in the North of France, a Global Gap certified production, like all the fruits and vegetables of the brand! (Certification guaranteeing the use of good agricultural practices as well as maximum safety of the food products offered by the distributors).  It is hand-picked when ripe and has proven itself to be a good choice for customers… A new product that has already won over customers and that bodes well for the future! »





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