Goes green
Tue 27/09/2022 by Guy Dubon

Tenrit has added a new product to its range of asparagus peeling machines: the TENRIT SOLO A GREEN. The innovative feature of the machine is that it peels both white and green asparagus, with the latter only being peeled in the last third of the asparagus. The change from white to green is made quickly at the push of a button. “This makes it possible not only to peel green or white asparagus continuously, but also to respond flexibly to customer requests,” said Carl Philipp Tenge-Rietberg, managing director of Tenrit. Via the touchscreen, peeling pressure can also be selected to match the selected sorting: thin asparagus requires less pressure than thicker asparagus. The device also peels products with curved shapes and bent heads, which are more common in green asparagus. This new peeling machine is suitable both for production, with a continuous output of 3,600 pieces per hour, as well as for farm shops or weekly markets. The machine has a footprint of 1.90m x 0.70m and can be equipped with compressor and water supply for mobile use. It only requires 230V electricity.




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