Optimises processes and cuts labour costs
Tue 27/09/2022 by Guy Dubon
optimises processes & cuts labour costs

Strauss Verpackungsmaschinen is a world-famous supplier of harvesting, sorting, weighing and packing equipment for asparagus. The company is focused on optimising processes and reducing labour costs by using machinery. The firm’s latest invention, released in 2020, is the PLC software solution for existing combination weighing units, providing easy handling thanks to a powerful and precise machine. Strauss sorting machines come with an improved counter-rotation system under the camera for even better turning of bent asparagus. Moreover, thanks to its weighing segments, the customer can process exact bundles to achieve best-quality results. Meanwhile, the firm also offers the GUB buncher to cut foil consumption. As a stand-alone machine or in addition to a sorting or weighing machine, the device bunches products with two rubber bands and an optional label application, or with one rubber band and one ElastiTag®. Strauss customers can benefit from the support of a close network of sales and service teams (especially important during Covid-19 restrictions), which the firm has developed over the past 20 years. Along with online training and remote control opportunities, Strauss also provides consultation, service and maintenance directly by the customer’s side. The firm is currently working with a university and specialised robotic companies on a green asparagus harvesting prototype, which should be launched within the next 1½-2 years.




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