unveils surprising purple and tricolour asparagus
Tue 27/09/2022 by Guy Dubon
purple and tricolour asparagus from Bejo

Bejo has presented the first 100%-male purple asparagus, Erasmus, which can be cultivated in cold

and intermediate areas. Erasmus is delicious when used fresh and unpeeled. This super sweet salad asparagus is best left uncooked in order to keep the bold purple colour, which can be lost during cooking process. The special characteristics of the Erasmus purple asparagus distinguish it from well-known green and white varieties and represents an interesting addition to the current asparagus market.

Bejo’s Cumulus variety is a well-known beautiful and tender white asparagus with an exceptional taste that can also be enjoyed when cultivated as a green asparagus. When grown slightly beneath the soil surface, it develops attractive tricolour spears: white, green and purple. Besides offering a colourful asparagus, Cumulus also promises a special taste experience and can be consumed fresh unpeeled. Easy to prepare, healthy and tasty, this tricolour asparagus can meet the changing consumer demands. It’s delicious used raw in fresh salads, as well as cooked in stir-fry dishes and on the BBQ.






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