Reyenvas, S.A.

Launches Rey Pro TR
Tue 27/09/2022 by Guy Dubon
presenting Rey Pro TR

Reyenvas, S.A. has developed a new product for cultivating white asparagus called Rey Pro TR, which is revolutionising the European markets. This new pocket-film is designed to reduce labour costs and improve crop quality. The figures obtained to date show that it boosts yields by two or even three times compared to traditional films and offers a clear improvement in crop quality.  The Rey Pro TR is a multilayer sheet, the underside being of black PE, the middle of white PE and the top of black Biopolymer. With growth, the biodegradable sheet is stretched, at which point, the white colour of the middle-sheet appears to prevent burns or the opening of the asparagus heads and improves fruit size. This biodegradable sheet disappears within 12 to 16 weeks. Asparagus can grow to up to 15cm above the ridge, significantly reducing the percentage of colouration or open heads and cutting harvest frequency to every 4-10 days, thus increasing profits by up to €10,000 per hectare. This innovative product is distributed in Europe by F.I. Trading, which actively participated in developing the Rey Pro TR.





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