one sorting machine for all asparagus
Thu 13/10/2022 by Maria Del Mar Valenzuela

The Optisort G-Series from Strauss is the sector’s favourite asparagus sorting machine. With customised machine sizes, white and green asparagus can be processed by one machine. To prepare the asparagus for optical sorting, first it is cut to a certain length by a sophisticated and long-developed aligning and knife system. Afterwards, it is cleaned using an abundant quantity of water at almost zero pressure. Low water consumption is achieved through recycling. Then, using an optical quality recognition unit, the asparagus is singulated and placed in a cup, and from there, it is moved on to the appropriate collecting container, which is subdivided into different quality levels. The Optisort G-Series methodology allows every asparagus to be checked, with incorrect classifications avoided using 360-degree optical viewing in the sorting cup.




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