offers Indian castor meal as organic fertiliser
Thu 13/10/2022 by Maria Del Mar Valenzuela

French specialist in organic fertiliser Sopropêche has developed a compound for asparagus called castor meal. This organic fertiliser derives from a castor by-product which is used for its NPK content (4.5/2/1). “In the version offered by Sopropêche, our castor meal is vegetal cake from India. The versatile properties of this product allow the asparagus plant to develop much faster,” said sales manager Jean-François Hoyez.

Sopropêche offers a wide range of organic fertiliser (vegetal cakes, seabird guano, vegetal ashes, hoof and horn meal, manures) that meet different types of cultures, such as viticulture, arboriculture, and market gardening, to provide optimum nutrition for soil and plants.


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