Bejo, launches Erasmus, the world’s first 100% male, purple variety
Thu 13/10/2022 by Belén Barbini

Bejo has been gathering experience in asparagus breeding for over 15 years. The Bejo asparagus programme focuses on white, green, anthocyanin-free green, and purple varieties. The company only develops 100% male varieties as this means there are no berries, so all of the plants’ energy goes into producing the asparagus, resulting in more uniform, quality spears and in a higher yield. Purple varieties are also a part of the breeding programme, which has recently led to the launch of the Erasmus variety, the first 100% male, purple variety in the world. Erasmus has high-quality, thick spears with an intense purple colour. It’s an early variety that produces very high yields, with high upright foliage and a good taste. This kind of asparagus is for growing in cold and intermediate areas, and also in mini tunnels. Erasmus purple salad asparagus is an interesting addition to the current asparagus market. It can be eaten raw due to its sweet taste and is the ideal way to appeal to modern consumers wishing to enter the world of asparagus and who like to prepare quick and healthy meals.

Bejo is a leader in breeding, producing and selling vegetable seeds, with operations in more than thirty countries. The company has expanded over the years in an organic, ongoing process, shaped by interaction between growers, dealers, supply chain partners and its employees.



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