Eco Green

environment-friendly harvesting machines
Thu 13/10/2022 by Maria Del Mar Valenzuela

Ecogreen develops environment-friendly technology and its latest innovation is the AV1, an electric harvesting machine for green asparagus. It has a front wheel drive and an electrical steering, as well as two electric motors and four batteries that can give 16 hours of life. The machines have large strong wheels that are perfectly adapted to muddy ground. Owner Leonardo Zanarini said, “We believe that these kinds of environment-friendly machines are part of the future of asparagus. That’s why we are also developing new photovoltaic prototypes with solar panels.”

Founded 15 years ago, Ecogreen is an Italian-based company that manufactures self-propelled electric machines designed to facilitate the manual harvesting process. The high-quality machines are manufactured with special care to meet the needs of modern farming.



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