presents preventative treatments against asparagus beetle
Tue 27/09/2022 by Guy Dubon
preventative treatments against asparagus beetle.

In the fight against asparagus beetle, Oxybiotop proposes SILSTIM. The product consists of macerations of insect-repellent plants, which are classified as “basic materials”, making it eligible in AB). Recommend dosage is 10L/100L of water sprayed with 2L of (very viscous) black soap. The application must be used preventively (i.e. before the presence of insects), even before the appearance of stems and foliage in the summer. It must be reapplied every 15 days, or every 7 days in cases of heavy rains. SILSTIM repels insects before they can even lay their eggs and it also prevents the development of any eggs by gluing larvae and adults together with a very viscous black soap as well as through the plants’ repellent effects. According to the Oxybiotop, SILIBOOST allows soil oxygenation despite compaction and thus stimulates biological activity, providing a healthy bacterial shield and guaranteeing soil and plant balance.




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