presents rustic Saent asparagus
Tue 27/09/2022 by Guy Dubon
Presenting rustic Saent asparagus

For the first time, Lamboseeds is to offer the market a different variety of asparagus, characterised by a more marked and bitter taste than traditional asparagus. “Saent was born out of a research and development project developed together with Luciano Trentini, who also takes care of the agronomic aspects, and developed commercially by Ortofrutta Castello, supplier of Coop. Saent is a recent variety with rustic characteristics and a tendency to develop a purplish red colour. It is medium-sized and the result of a cross between the Officinalis genus of asparagus and wild asparagus, selected from the species of the Veneto coast. It is ideal for lovers of strong-flavoured vegetables. In 2021, we’ll launch the first major volumes in sustainable packaging containing an information sheet to inform customers of the product’s value,” said sales manager Sandro Colombi. Meanwhile, in addition to producing asparagus for the fresh market, the first trials of industrial processing are set to get underway in collaboration with Sipo to create derivative products for the kitchen such as spreads and pesto. Italian retail will be the target market in the initial commercial phase, focusing particularly on connoisseurs of niche and high-value products.






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