offers green and white asparagus for the most diverse climates
Tue 27/09/2022 by Guy Dubon

Over the past couple of years, Coviro has presented new varieties suited to growing in Mediterranean climates, such as Starlim, Atticus, two early green hybrids of Dutch origin, and an absolute novelty Espada, which is also very early and was developed by the University of California. These join a range of well-known varieties such as the early Atlas and De Paoli, Grande (a high-yielding Californian hybrid), and Vegalim (a late hybrid). “As for the varieties suitable for continental climates, we have had great success with green ones of Italian origin, which represent about 80% of our offering. These include Eros, Giove, Ercole and Franco, as well as the Dutch Magnus. Among our white varieties, we have the Dutch Grolim and Cumulus, and, above all, the Italian Vittorio, which is a new hybrid with high climatic adaptability and can be used for the production of both white and green asparagus,” said Marcello Sbrighi, sales manager. The current campaign seems to have started promisingly, with the prospect of repeating the good results of 2020, when 2.5 million plants were sold. This followed two difficult years during which yields had dropped by as much as 40%. Coviro’s production is destined mainly for the Italian market, as well as Slovenia, France, Germany and Hungary.






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