Introduces Maralim
Tue 27/09/2022 by Guy Dubon

After years of intensive and successful trialling, Limgroup brings the asparagus variety Maralim onto the market. Is a variety suitable for the production of white asparagus in the mid-early segment in the temperate climate.  Due to the perfect tipclosure, the harvesting rhythm can be changed, while the quality remains the same. As a result, cost savings on labor can be realized. Trials have shown that the production of Maralim can be up to 17% higher than the production of conventional varieties in the mid-early segment. The high yield and good sorting result into more kilos of class 1, resulting in a higher turnover per hectare. In summary, the benefit of growing Maralim can amount to several thousand euros per hectare. Maralim produces a typically white and straight asparagus and is hardly susceptible to breakage, hollow, pink discoloration and rust. The variety is perceived by consumers as very tasteful. Maralim can be used in all sales channels, from retail to home sales, where, among other things, the quality and taste lead to repeat purchases.





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