ExpoSE and ExpoDirekt: 8 innovations from two trade fairs

The German trade fairs ExpoSE & ExpoDirekt welcomed more than 430 exhibitors from 12 countries, specialising in asparagus, berries and direct sales, among others. At the end of November, more than 5,500 professional visitors from 37 countries were able to discover many new products, some of which received a Best of 2023 Innovation Award.
Wed 06/03/2024 by Guy Dubon
The 2023 German trade fairs ExpoSE & ExpoDirekt

ExpoSE 2023 - ASverde (Engels Machines)Engels: Harvesting combining weeding

Engels Machines offers ASverde, an asparagus harvesting assistance machine from a prototype tested in 2023. The harvester is equipped with a rear-mounted sprayer to ensure the weeding of the bed at the same time. The machine can be adjusted to regulate the application rate according to the speed of progress and at each stop (stop-and-go). The kit is equipped with a photovoltaic panel that ensures up to 80% autonomy which limits charging cycles.

ExpoSE 2023 - FunckFunck: recovering plastic films and ducting

The Funck Machine Company has developed a drum with a central diameter that can be reduced so that it can be easily removed from the film roll. This drum, variable in diameter thanks to a simple mechanical system, allows plastic films and flexible drip ducting to be wound. It can be used for all film setting and dispensing machines from different manufacturers.


ExpoSE 2023 - HermelerHermeler: Emptying the Hems of Mulch Films

SPAFO, a platform for the recovery and processing of pocket mulching films for asparagus crops, was presented for the first time at ExpoSE. The machine is designed to cut open the bags and empty them of their contents (sand, soil), so that they can be recycled. According to the manufacturer, it ensures the removal of more than 90% of soils, which limits the weight of the films for transport and facilitates their reinsertion into the reuse cycle of used agricultural plastics.

ExpoSE 2023 - HeproHepro: the smallest peeler on the market

Hepro, who have mastered the vertical peeling technology for asparagus, have designed the smallest peeling machine offering self-service «peeled asparagus to go» directly from the point of sale. Intended for shops or farm shops, this very compact machine only requires an electrical outlet.


ExpoSE 2023 - FreezedryFreezeDry : Freeze Drying at Home

FreezeDry presents freeze-drying units with different capacities, from 2, 20 and 80 kg. The equipment from the agri-food industry and adapted to the scale of an SME freezes and then dehydrates all food products, fruit and vegetables, but also meat and fish. The products retain their colour and volume. The freeze-drying process takes between 10 to 50 hours depending on the size and thickness (0.5 mm/hour). The products are then sold dry.

ExpoSE 2023 - Far-Green (Fardin machine)Fardin Machine: Reducing Harvesting Time

The Italian manufacturer has taken over the activities of the Ecogreen Company constructing machines to assist with the harvesting of green asparagus. The Far-Green is equipped with two 1,000-watt electric motors and has a gearbox directly connected to the drive wheel to improve traction. Its track is adjustable in width from 1.20 to 2.20 m as well as height adjustable to be used for harvesting white asparagus, with the adaptation of a structure to lift plastics. A platform is used to store crates. The manufacturer announced time savings of 50% – compared to a traditional harvest.

ExpoSE 2023 - NeubauerNeubauer: Handling Robot

Neubauer presented a prototype for handling and crating asparagus at the grader outlet. The handling arm is equipped with a gripper able to grasp a dozen spears and place them in a box. Each arm ensures the release of 10 to 12 calibration outputs, i.e. approximately 500 kg/hour. It reduces the number of support people on the grader by replacing at least one person.


ExpoSE 2023 - Sirius (Bejo)Bejo: Sirius, a late novelty

Sirius F1 (ex 3199) is a 100% male hybrid specially bred for the cultivation of late white asparagus. This variety has a very good yield with a high percentage of category 1, homogeneous in size. According to breeder Bejo, the spear is very white with a closed tip of excellent quality. The plant performs well against rust and hollow stems and purple discolouration. Sirius is also suitable for heated cultivation and completes the range with Prius, Cumulus and Cygnus.


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