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Fri 26/04/2024 by Guy Dubon

Read Aspargus World No.6 and take a journey into a world of asparagus to unsuspected destinations such as Lesotho or Namibia, or distant ones such as Tasmania or Ecuador. It also means travelling into the future with the adaptation of varieties to harvesting robots. Asparagus World No.6 also proves that asparagus cultivation techniques are ever evolving. Deep soil preparation is an innovation to improve the profitability of a crop. Knowledge of diseases, such as Fusarium, is also essential.

A macro-economic analysis of the asparagus sector

The irrigation dossier shows the importance of water as a factor in yield.  Adapting water supplies to the plant’s needs is crucial. And mastery of irrigation techniques is essential. This magazine also offers a macro-economic analysis of the global asparagus sector. It provides the elements to enable understanding and reflection to understand the stakes and economic balances of asparagus cultivation and trade.

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