Meeting environmental expectations
Tue 27/09/2022 by Guy Dubon

Priméale is the leading French marketer of asparagus, marketing 5000 tons out of the 20,000 tons of national production. “Priméale was already marketing Copadax and MaïsAdour asparagus. In 2021, Planasa was added to increase our offer with an additional 700 tons,” said Bertrand Guivarch, Commercial Director.  “In 2020, with the health constraints due to covid, the share of asparagus sold in sachets increased. We sell 45% in a 500g flow packs and 55% in 5kg packages,” he says. However, the use of this fresh pouch made of polypropylene with selective permeability has been called into question in the shorter or longer term (see above). “For this season, we are testing a new bag made of 60% paper with a transparent window to maintain the visibility of the product, the number one sales criterion,” says Angélique Aubry, Head of Advertising Marketing. “It’s one way of meeting consumers’ environmental expectations, even if this recyclable alternative, doesn’t meet the requirements of future legislation,” she says.



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