varietal renewal begins with Darvardor
Thu 13/10/2022 by Maria Del Mar Valenzuela

Planasa’s Darvador asparagus variety has met with great success. It has 100% male genetics and great precocity, which allows a gain of about 10 days on other early varieties, such as Placosesp and Darlise. Asparagus and garlic product manager, Manuel Garcés, said: “Asparagus cultivation is evolving and becoming ever more professional. That is why Darvador has been developed as a response to new market needs. Due to its easy handling, it can be grown in both white and green forms. And its closed tip makes it very attractive to the final consumer.” With this new proposal, Planasa is seeking to adapt to a dynamic market, which demands ever more homogeneous and higher-quality production, and very good presentation.


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