introduces Vittorio
Thu 13/10/2022 by Maria Del Mar Valenzuela

Vittorio is the name of the new hybrid male asparagus variety developed and successfully marketed by Italian nursery Coviro. “Vittorio is characterised by the good cylindrical shape of its spear. Based on the technique used, it can be developed for green or white asparagus in medium-textured soils. This is a very productive variety and has a great uniformity in its calibre,” said marketing manager Marcello Sbrighi. Vittorio adapts very well to all kinds of soil found in northern Italy and is suitable for cultivation in both Continental and Mediterranean climates. This variety combines early production with extremely high yields.

Coviro is an Italian agricultural nursery company founded in 1978. It produces and sells certified plants for asparagus and berries, with annual sales of around 2.5 million asparagus and 20 million berry plants.


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