Conquers Spain with vertical industrial peeling machines
Tue 27/09/2022 by Guy Dubon


Hepro conquers Spain with vertical industrial peeling machines

he asparagus sector of Navarra swears by HEPRO®’s industrial peeling machines. “We always fly to Spain as a team. During commissioning, we take the time to answer queries and familiarise customers with how the peeling machines work,” said Ellen Reinhold, responsible for sales in Benelux, Spain and Peru. The vertical peeling principle is particularly popular within the asparagus processing sector. It enables customers to cut personnel costs and optimise the peeling process. In addition, thanks to HEPRO®´s unique vertical-cut quality, there is no need for reworking.

The machines are manufactured in Germany and marketed worldwide. HEPRO® peeling machines have been used successfully in Spain, Peru and China for over 10 years. “We visit our customers on site at regular intervals. We are also very well positioned in terms of IT, so that spare parts can be shipped worldwide within 24 hours. Our customers can reach us by phone at any time. But nothing can replace an on-site visit,” said Reinhold.






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