Presents double film and new plastic range
Tue 27/09/2022 by Guy Dubon
Europlastic presents dpuble film

Europlastic continues to innovate and adapt to the needs of ever more technically demanding customers by offering more up-to-date and efficient product ranges.

Multitech is a double film for growing white asparagus on arches. It provides excellent agronomic and financial results for producers. The two-in-one product is made up of two films assembled together, one thermal and the other opaque. It is easy and economical to use as it requires handling only one film and can be used on a single type of hoop. Multitech offers a very good relationship between investment, yield, quality and labour costs and represents excellent value.

Asparaclim is a new plastic range dedicated entirely to green asparagus cultivation and was specially designed to meet the requirements of this very technical crop. It offers greater efficiency thanks to its climatic effect by acting as a barrier to conserve humidity in the tunnel. In addition, the film’s athermic properties allow prolonged use during harvesting, thus considerably improving the yield, size and quality of asparagus. Asparaclim is a plastic designed for cultivating green asparagus.


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