Good campaign for French asparagus

2023 was a great year for asparagus in France. Production was stable throughout the campaign, with higher prices but also increased input costs. However, organic asparagus experienced a particularly difficult campaign.
Fri 01/03/2024 by Guy Dubon
In France, stable volumes made it possible to maintain regular prices during the 2023 season.

“In France, the 2023 season was marked by linear production and prices above the 5-year average,” notes a report by RNM (Market News Network). Favoured by mild weather, harvested quantities were higher than those of the last five years, but lower than in 2022. While volumes were low at the beginning of the season, alternately cooler and hotter days allowed an increase in the quantities produced later on, avoiding peaks in production. This stability allowed regular prices throughout the season.

Early competition from summer vegetables

The higher sales prices should be put into perspective, given the sharp rise in costs faced by farmers and shippers relating to inputs, labour, plastic sheeting, packaging, electricity for cold stores and shipping stations, transportation costs, etc. Consumer interest in asparagus remained moderate and sales slowed at the end of the season.

Each year, summer fruits and vegetables are entering the market earlier and earlier, coming into direct competition with asparagus. Consumers abandon spring products to turn to the melons, peaches, apricots and cherries arriving fresh on the stalls.

As for organic asparagus, this has been a particularly difficult season, as it has for all organic products. In a context of declining purchasing power, consumers are turning away from “pleasure shopping” or “luxury” products. Very high prices at the beginning of the season dampened demand for asparagus, after which prices remained below the 2018-2022 average until the end of the season.


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