Walker Brothers

boost productions to conquer new markets in Asia
Thu 13/10/2022 by Maria Del Mar Valenzuela

Producing in New Jersey for over 50 years, Walker Brothers has increased the number of international markets on which its asparagus is sold: “As the world’s largest producers of green asparagus, we distribute to the main markets, especially in South America and southern Europe. But we are now looking to strengthen our presence in other important markets, such as Africa, the Middle East and the Asian Pacific area by increasing our production. Exports to India and Bangladesh are already growing. Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan and South Korea are other interesting destinations,” said Wenjing Chen, the firm’s international representative. Walker Brothers produces exclusively green and violet asparagus, especially of the Grande F1 ™ variety, the most appreciated variety on the European and American markets for its taste and texture. It also supplies the Atlas F1™ and Walker Deluxe F1 green varieties as well as the Purple Passion F1.


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