The fields of innovation in the asparagus sector

Innovation is constantly moving forward. The many companies related to the asparagus sector are always looking for ways to improve varieties, materials, technology and service. From genetics to robotics, the fields of creativity and progress are very wide. Asparagus World offers you a part of this innovation with the presentations of the latest developments for 2024.
Fri 21/06/2024 by Guy Dubon

Euro Green Tech : EGT-ASPARAGO SE electric harvester


Euro Green Tech presented its latest creation: the EGT-ASPARAGO SE electric harvester. The EGT-ASPARAGO SE offers a working autonomy of 16 hours, significantly reducing the environmental impact compared to traditional combustion engines. The ergonomic and efficient design of the machine ensures that the operator can work comfortably seated, adjusting both the seat height and the distance from the control pedals. the EGT-ASPARAGUS SE ensures precise and efficient harvesting, reducing waste and maximizing crop yield. The front-wheel drive and electric steering improve the machine’s grip on the ground and maneuverability. Euro Green Tech also presents the EGT-ASPARAGUS SM, the versatile counterpart of the EGT-ASPARAGUS SE. with the EGT-ASPARAGUS SE and the EGT-ASPARAGUS SM, Euro Green Tech offers advanced solutions that meet the needs of modern farmers, while promoting more sustainable and responsible agricultural practices.

Hermeler : Special ridger for France

G. Dubon

Hermeler, an asparagus specialist manufacturer, proposed a ridger specially built for SIVAL and intended for the wide-spaced asparagus crops set up by some French asparagus growers. The Leofan 56 ABB, a variation of the Leofan 56, has a rotor distance of 1.80m.  It allows the creation of a higher and, above all, wider mound suitable for asparagus groves planted in double rows.

Hello Nature : Laphrassea, organic fertiliser based on insect frass

Hello Nature offers Laphrassea, a source of organic matter obtained by the digestion of plant matter by insect larvae.  Laphrassea makes it possible to meet the requirements of crops throughout their growth cycle thanks to the gradual release of nitrogen (N=3%), and to sustainably improve soil fertility thanks to the high potential for humus creation (75% organic matter).  Laphrassea stimulates the microbiological activity of the soil through the presence of beneficial bacteria and chitin. Chitosan is considered a primary substance and can be used in organic farming. It claims to function as  an “Elicitor with fungicidal and bactericidal effects by means of  the stimulation of the plants’ natural defence mechanisms”.

Algas Pacific : The biostimulant revolution

Algas Pacific

One of the best results granted by Algas Pacific’s products is the 15% to 32% increase in asparagus root mass. Specialized in marine science and plant biostimulation, Algas Pacific has developed innovative algae solutions for sustainable agriculture proving efficiency of application at asparagus crop’s stages: establishment, growth, and harvest. In 12 years, results have shown: better rooting; 10% to 23% increase in yield; harvest precocity; better resistance to stress and diseases; and up to 18% greater size, caliber and weight of shoots. For Algas Pacific, customized programming and technical assistance are the key for achieving these results.

Innovak : The importance of root evaluation


A healthy and strong root system is essential to ensure a high quality and yield of asparagus.  Recently in asparagus in Europe and for many years in various crops (such as berries, grapes, avocado) in other continents, Innovak Global has introduced an efficient technique to evaluate root quality with the use of the minirhizotron camera Zuzunaga-Rosas et al., 2024). Currently, a trial is about to begin with asparagus on asparagus installed on land at the Darbonne nurseries in Le Barp, using Pfenery technology based on polyphenols of plant origin where a new root observation system called “Rhizobox” will be tested.

Walker brother : New hybrids using the One-year Whole Harvest Cultivation Method

Walker Brothers joined forces with Professor Motoki and his team from Meiji University in Japan to select new varieties using the One-year Whole Harvest Cultivation Method. One of the new hybrids, WB212 produce the highest marketable yield when cultivated using the One-year Whole Harvest Cultivation Method. As a result, the Walker Brothers Team has decided to set up a demonstration trial at their home base in New Jersey this spring. Domestic and international growers are expected to be able to visit the demonstration fields in New Jersey shortly.

Huon : Boosting microbial life

Huon offers the Revival to achieve optimal asparagus growth. This organic fertiliser based on aerobic composted farm manure and enriched with Trichoderma harzianum (AMM N°1220086) has the property of colonising the inter-root space, boosting the microbial life of the soil and enhancing organic matter. By optimising the breaking down of organic matter optimal regulation of nutrient inputs is ensured.

Centro Sur : Asparagus range

Centro Sur

With its LOS MONTEROS brand, Centro Sur only sells products with the PGI Asparagus de Huétor Tájar label, a distinction awarded for its excellent quality. In 2024, the company is off ering larger canned asparagus, a crunchier texture, and a milder, fruitier fl avour making it one of the most delicate asparagus varieties. Centro Sur also sells frozen green asparagus using a sustainable freezing process from renewable energy.

Agrivaloire : Specialist distributor for asparagus


As a specialist distributor, Agrivaloire is expanding its range by offering the new ridge moulding machine from Engels Machines, Tenrit Foodtec peelers, as well as knives and gouges. The EcoSpader 2030 is an innovative asparagus ridger that offers significant labour savings as well as greater respect for the soil and the environment. Distributed in France by Agrivaloire, the EcoSpader maximises the productivity of pickers and reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. Agrivaloire is also the official distributor in France of Tenrit’s Asparagus range and offers new and used peelers, including the Tenrit SOLO A, a reference in the field of asparagus peelers.

Europlastic : It heats under the plastics…


Europlastic continues to innovate.This season a new thermal fi lm was developed by Europlastic. This new highly transparent fi lm, thanks to its light optimizing surfactant principle, allows a greater and faster heating of asparagus mounds. Condensation inside the tunnel is limited, promoting greater light transmission especially at the level of infrared rays that provide calories. A very early and very fast start of production was observed this season at the beginning of production with the use of these 2 films (one film placed directly on the mound and another on arches). Very promising results for future seasons.

Medinbio : GAIA SOL at the end of the harvest


If you’ve noticed fungal lesions on your asparagus during harvest: it’s time to take back control of the situation. GAIA SOL contains a synergistic combination of beneficial microorganisms: Bacillus amyloliquefaciens & Trichoderma harzianum. Medinbio recommends using GAIA SOL at the end of the harvest with strong irrigation for a perfect impregnation of the soil and to produce metabolites favourable to soil remediation.


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