Slow recovery of Peruvian asparagus

Although asparagus production fell in 2020, the forecasts for 2021 are more optimistic, with a 5% increase expected and total production reaching 370,000 tons.
Tue 27/09/2022 by Nadia Venticique

Asparagus production in 2020 fell 4% due to labour shortages during harvest, a result of the strict national lockdown that restricted the movement of some workers. Added to this were social unrest and blockades on the main roads towards the end of 2020 in the regions of Ica and La Libertad. However, the forecasts for 2021 are positive, with the USDA predicting a 5% increase compared to the previous year, reaching 370,000 tons.

Frozen asparagus volumes to shrink slightly

During 2020, Peru exported 8.8 million kilos of frozen asparagus worth US$37.7 million. According to Agrodata Peru, these figures reveal a moderate drop from the 10 million kilos exported during 2019 for a value of US$42 million. The main destination of these shipments was the US ($18 million), followed by Japan ($12.2 million), Spain ($3 million), Belgium ($979,000), Germany ($945,000) and South Korea ($672,000). These figures will probably remain roughly the same in 2021.

Among the largest exporting companies were IQF del Perú SA, with sales of $16.6 million (44% of total shipments), Complejo Agroindustrial Beta SA ($13.7 million), Agroindustrias AIB SA ($2.6 million), Virú SA ($1.5 million), Fundo San Fernando SA ($1.3 million), and others.

Good forecasts for fresh asparagus

As for fresh asparagus, exports totalled 130 million kilos and were worth $384 million, -1% and -2% respectively compared to 2019. The US was the main destination ($260.3 million), followed by the UK ($35.3 million), the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Belgium and Brazil. This year’s export forecasts for fresh asparagus are good, with the USDA projecting 138 million kilos.

Complejo Agroindustrial Beta was the largest exporter of fresh asparagus ($38.4 million), followed by Danper Trujillo S.A.C. ($33 million), both significantly down on 2019 levels. The next largest exporters were Nathanael Agroexports, Agro Paracas, Sociedad Agrícola Drokasa and Santa Sofía del Sur.




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