Restoring the organic ecosystem
Fri 14/10/2022 by Guy Dubon

OXYBIOTOP manufactures and distributes the SILIBOOST process based on activated silica.  With this concept compacted, asphyxiated, or even hydromorphic soils can be oxygenated in order to restore the biological ecosystem (mycological and bacterial) which guarantees all the balances both of the soil and of the plant. This technique, simple to use and relatively inexpensive (about 80 euros /ha) means it is possible to make most efficient use of organic and mineral fertilizers resulting in a better plant vitality, guaranteeing abundant production and quality and better resistance to biotic aggressors (moulds and insects) but also abiotic (rain, wind). A specific programme has been developed for asparagus, the applications (between 200 and 300 grams/ha added to the sprayer with 150 L of water / ha) start at the resumption of plant activity and during the production period.


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