Promoting the authenticity and quality of Green Asparagus of Altedo

The Green Asparagus of Altedo PGI is gearing up for the harvest and a communication campaign.
Fri 17/05/2024 by Guy Dubon
Altedo asparagus
As at March, 2024, harvesting was expected to start slightly earlier than in previous years.

Green Asparagus of Altedo – recognised with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status – is the protagonist of a communication campaign created thanks to the contribution of the Emilia Romagna Region. The Green Asparagus of Altedo represents culinary excellence combining tradition and quality.

Collaborations with chefs and restaurateurs

The fertile land and the favourable climate of the territory encompassed by the PGI Production Regulations – which extends from the Bolognese Plains, in the Altedo area, and continues to the coast, in the Mesola district, covering 52 municipalities (30 in the province of Bologna and 22 in that of Ferrara) – contribute to the cultivation of this asparagus with a unique  avour, valued by gourmets across the globe. In parallel with the harvest, the consortium, which protects Altedo’s PGI-certified green asparagus, has planned a series of communication initiatives to promote and enhance this culinary treasure. Through tastings, social media activities, collaborations with chefs and restaurateurs and other events, the Consortium aims to spread knowledge and appreciation for Green Asparagus of Altedo both nationally and internationally.


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