Peru exports about 75% of its fresh green asparagus

Peru exported a total of 157,000,000 kg of asparagus in 2022, of which fresh green asparagus (generally in 5 kg boxes) accounted for over 82%, tinned about 13% and frozen for about 4.85%. The country exported about 75% of its total production of fresh green asparagus, 52% of its crop destined for canning, and half of the production intended for the frozen category.
Fri 28/06/2024 by Julie Butler
The top exporter for fresh asparagus from Peru in 2022 was Danper Trujillo, which achieved a 46% year-on-year.

The rhythm of exports of fresh asparagus generally starts to rise from about week 12 in Peru and usually reaches its crescendo around the week 48 mark, with 78% of all the shipments taking place in the period in between, IPEH’s research shows. In total, the country shipped over 25,872,640 boxes (of 11lb or ≈5kg) in 2022. The lowest total in the previous 11 years was 23,082,591, in 2017, and the highest was 27,329,252 boxes, in 2021. When it comes to FOB value, the highpoint between 2012-22 was a total of over $448.8 million in 2013 and the lowest was $341.3 million in 2012. In 2022, Peru’s fresh asparagus exports had a FOB value of almost $370 million, which was 8.4% down on 2021.

The US takes 76% of Peru’s shipments

With a total of 18,821,270 boxes, the US took nearly 73% of the boxes of fresh asparagus exported by Peru in 2022. IPEH’s research shows that the next biggest markets for Peru were Spain (8%), the Netherlands (7%), the UK (6%), Belgium (1.2%) Canada (0.8%) and Brazil (0.6%). By FOB value, about 85.6% of exports to the US are by sea, 13.9% by air and 0.5% by road, while for Europe air accounts for the bulk, nearly 71%, and sea 28.7%, and for Asia, where South Korea is the biggest market for Peru, air (87%) also leads over sea (13%). Over 2021-22, the number of boxes shipped to the US slipped 4.6% and the FOB value fell 7.3%, while for Spain there were corresponding increases of 5.5% and 3%. The Netherlands saw declines of 9.5% and 12.2%, and the UK of 14.7% and 17.6% respectively.

Peru’s top exporter in 2022 was Danper Trujillo


According to IPEH’s analysis, the top exporter for fresh asparagus from Peru in 2022 was Danper Trujillo, which achieved a 46% year-on-year (YoY) boost in its export volume to over 2.48 million boxes – accounting for 9.6% of the Peruvian total – and 34% growth in FOB value to over US$39.8 million. Next came Complejo Agroindustrial Beta with over 2.16 million boxes (+4.4% YoY and holding an 8.4% market share) and FOB value of over $34.2 million (-7.6%). Agrovision Peru logged growth of nearly 15% YoY in volume to over 1.2 million boxes and almost 25% in value to nearly $16.1 million, with Agricola Cerro Prieto’s shipments climbing 11.3% to 1.16 million box with the value up strongly by nearly 25% to nearly $16.1 million.

Callao airport and Salaverry the top departure points

In the 5 years to 2022 there’s been a big shift in departure points for fresh asparagus from Peru. Compared to 2018, the number of boxes shipped from Callao airport has plunged nearly 50%, though it still retained its lead with a total of nearly 7.96 million boxes. Callao port, which had ranked second, now ranks third with a total of 4.62 million (-15.6% since 2018) while sendings from Salaverry (La Libertad) Pisco (Ica) have more than tripled to respective totals in 2022 of nearly 7 million and 3.27 million boxes.

Peru’s asparagus seed imports led by UC 157 F2

C. Befve

Peru imported nearly 733.4 kg of asparagus seeds in 2022, down from 1,967.45 kg in 2021. UC 157 F2 (265 kg) was the top seed in terms of volume in 2022 but UC 157 F1 (220 kg), which ranked second, was the most imported seed over 2018-22.  In third place in 2022 was UC 115 F1 (199 kg), which until then had been the leader for the previous four years. In 2022, the region of Ica accounted for 38.3% of the nearly 15.5 million ha  in Peru planted with asparagus, followed by La Libertad with 35.2%, Lambayeque with 16.8%, Ancash 4.9%, Lima 4.3% and Arequipa with 0.4%.


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