Two synergetic microorganisms
Tue 27/09/2022 by Guy Dubon

MEDINBIO, pioneer and leader in the System Approach, has just obtained the approval of GAIA Sol for all crops and particularly relevant for Asparagus. An unique combination of 2 synergetic microorganisms: Trichoderma, strong soil colonization and Bacillus, close to the roots and rebiotics (algae, humic acids,etc) to promote the microorganisms’ development.

Better yield with

  • accelerating of the nutrients’ release
  • occupying the soil, thus reducing fungal pressure
  • eliciting the roots and the plant protection against Stemphylium.

For these actions, GAIA offers a remarkable cost effectiveness ratio.

Application: Autumn: 1,5-3 kg/ha depending on sanitary conditions; Postharvest if risk of soil diseases increases during winter: 1,5 kg/ha; End of summer 1,5 kg/ha to activate the defense systems to face the risk of Stemphylium.

MEDINBIO’s product range for ASPARAGUS also includes GREENFLASH and KHI2 for defense systems activation, while SCUD and CLEANHEX will be applied during the risk period.






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