[VIDEOS] How to prepare the cultivation of asparagus

In Europe, the 2023 asparagus season begins with the arrival of spring. Gradually, the production areas will begin the harvest of the vegetable, symbolic of the return of sunny days. Before that, however during the winter work had to be done in the asparagus plantations. Here is a brief summary in pictures of the different operations.
Fri 10/03/2023 by Guy Dubon (videos : Christian Befve)
1/ Pulverising destroys and removes the plant mass (foliage + weeds) accumulated during the autumn. Pulverising is either lateral (off-set) or frontal. Vegetation can be directed into the inter-row.

2/ Spreading the ridges (haulm extraction) allows the row to be cleaned for green asparagus or the mound for white asparagus. The burning of green asparagus haulm is also practiced.

3/ After the addition of organic matter on the row, the work of the new season begins with the bed-forming and installation of plastic mulch covers, then the installation of the hoops for the maintenance of mini-tunnels (early culture) and the filling of the pocket mulch (for wind resistance).



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