Specialists in asparagus cultivation
Tue 27/09/2022 by Guy Dubon


Cosmeco – Specialists in asparagus cultivation.

Cosmeco Srl has specialised in the production of agricultural machines for more than 40 years. The firm has now added to its range for asparagus, with the market launch of the B70 bedformer, a totally adjustable machine that can form seedbeds at up to 70cm high. Cosmeco has also developed two new accessories. The first is a film-holder – a reel support for laying films made of plastic or other materials. It is totally customisable both in terms of film width and height from the ground, which allows placement on seedbeds of any height. The second innovation is a film winder/unwinder for drafting or collecting films made of plastic, TNT or other materials with pockets for ballast designed specifically for asparagus. Equipped with a tear-proof hydraulic clutch (tractor hydraulic system) and braking system to allow adjustment of operating speed, the item is currently available for film widths of up to 180cm. Other products in Cosmeco’s line for asparagus include mulch-laying machines, which are totally customisable and can be applied to bed formers to permit multiple operations in a single step.


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